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Attorney at Law licensed in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Alaska and Colorado, Washington DC and U.S. Supreme Court with services in:



Watson Law Office - Chartered - Attorney at Law & Certified Mediator


6Legal Services

FAMILY LAW/CHILD CUSTODY - Free initial consultation. Prime opportunity to discuss your legal issues prior to incurring legal costs.

PERSONAL INJURY - No recovery, no fee. Have you been injured? Are you being treated fairly?


CRIMINAL DEFENSE - You have the right to remain silent - Exercise that right and contact Watson Law Offices. 20 years combined experience in law enforcement and criminal defense.

REAL ESTATE - Experienced in land use, zoning, boundary dispute and adverse possession litigation.

PROBATE - Watson Law Offices can help you legally validate a will before a judicial authority.

WILLS - We are here to guide you through the process of setting up your will.

NOTARY PUBLIC - We are here to witness and certify the validity of your documents and to take affidavits and depositions.


7Please Explore Our Website

Our website has been designed to provide general information on numerous legal issues and our Firms various legal services as it relates to those issues. Each section of our website provides general information which may provide an overview to how your legal concerns are generally viewed by the Courts. For more specific information as it relates directly to your unique legal situation please contact our office to set up a free legal consultation.

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